Video Streaming Instrutions

A Step by Step Guide to Accessing Your Videos

 *Digital products are not refundable! In order to receive instant access you must be logged into your account.*

1. To access your videos, you'll need to be signed into the same account you previously used to purchase your streaming products. Sign into your account here. Screenshot pictured below.

TAN Books

2. Once you are signed into your account, make sure you are in your profile by clicking the silhouette in the top right corner of your screen (pictured below).

TAN Books

3. From your profile, navigate to your "Video Access" tab (pictured below). Once you click into your video access, you will see a list of your streaming videos (pictured below).

TAN Books

From here, simply click a title to view the videos. As in the example pictured below from Mark: The Gospel Through the Eyes of Peter, your lecture videos will display and be easily accessible.

TAN Books

That's it! You can continue to access your videos in this location moving forward.


Still Don't See Your Videos?


If you are still missing a video series that you have previously purchased, continue reading.

Please search your inbox for an email from TAN Books - you should see an email with information about your streaming access. Once you've found this email, do not click the link(s) yet! First, open up a separate browser page and login to your account on This is crucial before trying to use the access link(s) included in your email. If you click the link(s) before signing into, you will be redirected to the homepage of our website. If that happens, simply login to your account, then close the page, and try the link again. 


Once you have logged into your account on, click the access link provided in the email. Then follow the instructions below.


1. Copy the access code provided and click the "Access Streaming" button below the image of your previously purchased videos. (See example below.)

Story of Civilization Volume I

Use Code XXXXXX (which has been provided in your email) 

Access Streaming

2. The "Access Streaming" button will take you to a page like the one in the screenshot pictured below. Enter the access code for your product (in the white bar in the screenshot below), and click "Submit."

TAN Books

3. Your streaming videos should then display in your browser and be easily accessible (as in the example pictured below from Mark: The Gospel Through the Eyes of Peter).

TAN Books
Now that you have accessed your lecture videos, they will always be accessible to you in your account under the "Access Videos" tab when you sign into your account. The instructions at the top of this page will show you where to find them.
That's it! If you encounter any difficulties, please contact our customer service department via social media, the chat on the homepage of the website or by emailing Thank you for your patience with us as we move all of our materials and resources to the new